When it comes to lighting your wedding, where does a bride even begin? Well lucky for you we have pulled the brains of the professionals together to see if they have an idea, and they do! Lighting your wedding can be a very difficult task. Lighting itself can set the tone for your whole night. Therefore, making sure your lighting matches well with your venue is imperative to making your night all you could ever ask for. We hope with a little help, you too will have amazing wedding lighting!

Thanks to Keith from Illuminating Events we got some pretty good answers to all your lighting questions for the big day:

What do you think is the first thing a bride should know when it comes to lighting her wedding?

“The first thing I would suggest to brides is to consider using lighting as part of your décor. The idea of lighting for their wedding/reception is seldom thought of by brides, usually only when it is required for an outdoor reception. With so many options, lighting is more than just flipping on a switch. You can add some candles or lanterns to add a touch of elegance, or you can completely transform a venue to nothing short of breathtaking. If done correctly, lighting can make everything look more beautiful– including the wedding cake, center pieces, guests, and of course the bride. It’s likely that the flowers will take up most of the décor budget, but be prepared that you may need non-floral décor and consider illumination.”

What is the best type of lighting for an outdoor wedding as well as an indoor wedding?

“Personally, I don’t think you can beat the soft, intimate, and warm feel you get from candles. Another great addition is using Up Lighting or Wall Washing to add some color to your décor.

For an outdoor event, Edison lights are very popular. A great look is having Edison lights over a dance floor, no tent… just the nighttime stars above. Chandeliers are a great way to make a statement under a tent or in trees as well.”

Does a bride specifically pick different types of lighting according to her venue or does your company customize a design that fits the room?

“Most of the time the event coordinator contacts us or recommends to the bride what would be nice. Illuminating Events is happy to customize a lighting design for any bride. We welcome the challenge of creating different designs even for the same venue.”

What are some terms a bride should know when speaking to a lighting specialist for their wedding?

 Up Lighting – A series of freestanding light fixtures that are placed on or near the floor to illuminate upward toward a wall, ceiling, or architectural feature like a column or pillar.

Color Wash – Light fixtures that create a “wash,” blanketing an entire area such as a wall or ceiling with color.

String Light - Also called bistro lights, cafe lights, or mini string lighting, these are strands of round or pear-shaped bulbs that are often used indoors or outdoors to create a luminous canopy overhead.

Gobo – A specially designed metal or glass stencil that is placed over a light to project a design or pattern on a wall, dance floor, or tent top. Popular gobo designs include monograms, the wedding date, patterns, or any custom motif.

Intelligent Lighting – Lighting fixtures that are controlled through the use of special controllers or software. This will allow your lighting designers to change the look and feel of the lighting throughout the reception.

Pin Spot – A miniature spotlight used to highlight focal points at the reception, such as centerpieces, the wedding cake, and the sweetheart table.”

When Should a bride book a lighting vendor?

“A typical wedding is booked 9-12 months ahead of time. Once you have selected your venue, contact a lighting specialist then.Illuminating Events meets with the bride and forms a working partnership from the beginning. This allows us to fully understand the client’s vision and helps us create her dream wedding.”

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